A. Maranatha Life's Life-Line For Pastors Statistics About Pastors.

These statistics came from across denomination lines, and have been gleaned from various reliable sources such as Pastor to Pastor, Focus on the Family, Ministries Today, Charisma Magazine, TNT Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ and the Global Pastors Network.

    B. Duke Divinity School's Pulpit & the Pew.

          a. Protestant Pastoral Ministry at the Beginning of the New Millennium. by Jackson W. Carroll, Duke Divinity School.

         His article gives some reasons for not accepting overly positive reports about clergy satisfaction.

         b. Job Satisfaction and Role Ambiguity Experienced by Protestant Clergy: Investigation of Possible Predictors of Vocational Longevity and Clinical Depression.

         Part of Duke Divinity School's Pulpit & the Pew research was this dissertation by Kenneth Jones

         Dr. Jackson W. Carroll, Duke Divinity School, mentions his dissertation in his article “Protestant Pastoral Ministry at the Beginning of the New Millennium” page 7, footnote 3.

         As is stated on the Dr. Carroll’s above mentioned article.

One of the dissertations that we are funding as part of our Pastoral Leadership Project (Jones, forthcoming) is exploring this matter in some detail. In responses to a mailed questionnaire, he has found that a majority of clergy check responses saying that they are very or moderately satisfied with their jobs. However, when given opportunity to write in comments, a significant portion of these same clergy express considerable dissatisfaction with their jobs. How to interpret the discrepancy is an interesting problem.

       c. Which Way to Clergy Health?

This part of the Pulpit and the Pew Pastoral Leadership Project raises two theological issues. We clergy are no longer great examples of health. Today’s clergy have more stress and less support than the previous pastors who had more support and less resources. Thus, the whole church must regain a theology of the stewardship of one’s personal health.

The whole church must experience a theological renewal concerning the incarnation of Christ which carries with it a much more positive view of the body. Today’s unbiblical view of the body comes from mixing Neo-Plantonism with Christian doctrine among some in the very early years of the Church. Neo-Plantonism teaches a false dichotomy of the body as bad and the spirit as good. This led people back then and today to substitute brave faithfulness to the Gospel for living a life of dying to the self and living for God and others to the degree of not caring for their own health.

    C. More Research

          a. Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership.  

         b. According to the Ministering to Ministers Foundation.

              • Over 1600 pastors in the U.S. are forced out of their positions each month.

              • Nearly 1 in 4 pastors experience a forced termination at least once during their ministry.

              • Only 54% of pastors go back into full-time church related positions.

        c. What is Going on with the Pastors in America?

       d. Clergy and U.S. Health Research.

       e. Pastor Abusers: When Sheep Attack Their Shepherd ​by Kent Crockett & Mike Johnston 

​       f.  Clergy Health Survey 2015

II. Important Links to Other Research.

    A. Clergy Health — A Mixed Portrait. by Joseph E. Arnold

   B. Church Systems Task Force on Clergy Health Multi-Phase Research.

   C. Faith and Health Connection Pastors page. Clergy health Could be one of the most vital issues we have in the world.

The greater the level of individual clergy health, the more effective pastors and clergy will be able to serve their congregations and communities with the message of  hope, grace and love.

   D. Forced Pastoral Exists: An Exploratory Study.

This is research report about exited pastors is based on information from the Pastors in Residence Survey.

   E. Hundreds of Pastors Leave Their Ministry Each Month.

   F. Mental Health Issues Among Clergy And Other Religious Professionals.

   G. Ministerial Health and Wellness, 2002 Evangelical Lutheran Church.

   H. How Healthy Are Our Pastors?

    I. Study Examines Health of Clergy and Lay Workers in  Denominations Across the U.S. 
by Craig This

    J. Clergy Health A Review of Literature.

   K. Clergy Struggling With Identity and Feelings of Loneliness in Canada.

   L. 2013 Clergy Health Survey.

   M. Body and Soul.

   N. Some Clergy May Have Higher Obesity and Chronic Disease Rates Than Their Congregations.

   O. Clergy Health: Who Cares for the Caregivers?

   P. The Anglican Church of Canada: Wellness in Ministry.

   Q. Depression.

   R. Duke Clergy Health Initiative. 

In July 2007, The Duke Endowment generously funded the Clergy Health Initiative, a $12 million, seven-year program intended to improve the health and well being of the 1,600 United Methodist elders and local pastors serving churches in North Carolina. 

    S. A holistic approach to wellness.   

    T. The Mental Health Needs of Clergy.

    U. Self-care is not self-ish.

    V. Pastor & Parish.

III. Links to Other Important Articles.

    A. A collaboration for clergy health and wellness. The physical and mental health of Clergy in North America has reached a crisis point.

    B. A Sick Body A report of the Health of the Church in North America.
by John M. Crowe

   C. American Baptist Churches Ministers Council Launches Clergy Health Initiative.

   D. Brother Martin or Pastor Superstar
by John M. Crowe

   E. DEAR CHURCH! WE QUIT! Marriage and Ministry Depression
by Dr. Paddy Ducklow

   F. Disabilities and Clergy. Clergy use an enormous amounts of mental health services.

  G. The Dark Side of The Intimate Pastorate.
by Thomas F. Fischer

  H. Life Way executive addresses churches' 'dirty little secret' 
by Charles Willis.

  I. Lutheran’s Ask How Healthy Are Our Pastors?

  J. Many Pastors’ Wives Are Not Happy Campers.

  K. Southern Baptists address depression in Clergy  "Wounded Heroes. "

  L. Strike the Shepherd - Losing Pastors in the Church.
by Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries

  M. The Family Secret (The Church Scandal that does not make the news.) by John M. Crowe

  N. The pastor's well-being often reflects a church's health and happiness 
by Tony Headley

  O. Time Magazine Article about Pastors’ Wives

  P. The Angriest People.

One counselor, who sees a large number of clergy and clergy spouses in his practice, says that United Methodist clergy-wives are the angriest people he sees"

   R. Clergy spiritually exhausted, stressed out: a new report shows Canadian ministry is 'in crisis'

IV. The Clergy Satisfaction Report.

   A. Job Satisfaction in the United States. by Tom W. Smith NORC/University of Chicago

   B. Workers in the Kingdom.
by Courtney Wilder

   C. Happy, Healthy, Shiny, Satisfied Clergy
by John M. Crowe

V. New Clergy Health Programs and Blogs.

   A. The Connection, the blog of C.H.I. (the Duke Clergy Health Initiative)



I. Various surveys have produced the image that clergy health and pastoral satisfaction are in a crisis state.

​   Many of the clergy crisis ministries quote from one or more of these studies of clergy.

Clergy Health Research and Reports

​Reports about the health of the clergy.