2. You are foremost an Ephesians 4 pastor equipping the laity to:

Standard Model of Pastoral Leadership

  • Heavy committee involvement
  • Continual administrative detail
  • Filling positions within the structure.Type your paragraph here.


3. Preach/Teach

5. Ministry Beyond the local church:

  • it blesses its community
  • it blesses its Annual Conference
  • it blesses the world
  • preaching/teaching that feeds the flock
  • direction in common and in private that inspirationally leads the flock forward in Christ


  • little time given to study and preparation

1. Your primary commitment is to follow Christ through:

  • Visitation
  • Availability
  • Counseling
  • Crisis care

4.  Ministry arises out of the local church through:

  • laity discovering and exercising their spiritual gifts
  • local body consciously seeking God’s direction through prayer
  • decreasing administrative groups and increasing ministry groups
  • Faithful devotional living
  • Fidelity to your family
  • Visionary leadership of the flock

5.  The local church then becomes a light house for its region.

  • Visit
  • Counsel
  • Provide care
  • Flow in their spiritual gifts

3. Out of devotional living flows

  • Some community involvement
  • Some connectional involvement

  • mostly canned, handed down programs
  • very little time left for directed programming

2. Administer the Organization through:

This Information was taken  from a handout in

Dr. Steve Martyn's "Spirituality of Leadership" class

in the Doctor of Ministry Program

at Asbury Theological Seminary on July 13-17, 1998.

“2nd” Wave Model of Pastoral Leadership

Healthy and Unhealthy Models of Pastoral Leadership

4. Some directed programming:

1. Meet the needs of the flock through: