1) Coming Out of the Dark: Two Pastors’ Journey Out of Depression with Wayde I . Goodall and E. Glenn Wagner

Longevity and success in ministry does not guarantee that pastors will not suffer from clinical depression.

Two successful pastors share their journey and how, with the help of family and medical professionals, they came out of the dark and survived.

2) Coming Out Of The Dark: Two Pastors’ Wives Share In Their Husbands’ Journey Out Of Depression with Rosalyn Goodall and Susan Wagner

A pastor does not experience clinical depression alone; it also affects his family. Two ministry wives share their thoughts and experiences as they walked alongside their husbands and their battles with depression.


4) DEAR CHURCH! WE QUIT! Marriage and Ministry Depression. by Dr. Paddy. Ducklow

5)  “The Face of Depression.” by Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder

6) Depressed, Stressed, and Burned Out: What’s Going On In My Life? by Archibald D. Hart

One of the leading experts on stress, depression, and burnout gives insight into the nature of this compassion fatigue and how a pastor can turn this traumatic and life-threatening experience into discovering what God wants to do in his life.

7) Luther and Depression by Tony Headley

This article is about someone who has been there, done that, and has the t-shirt. The Protestant Reformation Leader and writer of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”, Martin Luther felt free to share his own struggles with mental illness, i.e. depression. Research of Luther's sermons, teaching material for young pastors display a very compassionate person of pastoral care with insightful and detailed observations, and a proclamation of real grace for real life.

Both his compassion for Christians with mental illnesses and his keen observation of them were way ahead of his time.

8) Lutherans Ask How Healthy Are Our Pastors?

"Mental health problems including chemical dependency are the leading causes of disability in the ELCA health plan, accounting for one-third of the 300 [rostered ministers on disability]," she said. Despite studies suggesting a stable rate of depression in the general population, the ELCA health plan shows more clinic visits and prescriptions to treat depression.

9) Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership. Grand Rapids, MI Baker Books, 1997. by Gary L. McIntosh & Samuel D. Rima, Sr. 

         i. The Compulsive Leader

         ii. The Narcissistic Leader

         iii. The Paranoid Leader

         iv. The Codependent Leader

         v. The Passive-Aggressive Leader

10) Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in Religious Behavior by Wayne Oats

11) Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in the Church by C. Marvin Pate and Sheryl Lynn Pate

11) The Minister’s Own Mental Health. Great Nack, NY: Channel Press, Inc., 1955. by Wayne Oates

Although this book is old, it contains classic insights that bear repeating today.

12) The Pastor’s Wife: Beating The Ministry Blahs by Garbrielle Rienas

Whether she has a personal call to ministry or not, the minister’s wife is called to support her husband. But what should she do when the expectations of ministry seem overwhelming and her husband isn’t coping? Find out how to navigate the storms of ministry and bring healing and hope to the parsonage.

13) The nondenominational Davidson [N.C.] Clergy Center.

Experience with depression and anxiety opened former Presbyterian pastor George Jacobs' eyes to the needs of "exhausted and burned-out" clergy.

14) Healers: Harmed & Harmful. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1994. by Conrad Weiser

A psychologist and Administrator Systems Therapy and Consultation Services in Allentown, PA, Dr. Conrad has written a very helpful book from his twenty years of experience with clergy and churches. What he has to say about clergy who are narcissistic, compulsive, depressed, dependent, or borderline and helping them is very valuable.

15) Crossing a Deep River Biblical and Practical Advice for Dealing With Depression. by George O. Wood

16) Southern Baptist ministers developed a program to address the toll of depression in their ranks.

Many conservative Christians consider depression to be evidence that a person is "not right with God." Yet an estimated one third of the staff and clergy of the 62,000 Southern Baptist churches suffer from depression because their jobs are so demanding. Their problems have historically been hidden or ignored by their denomination but that is now changing. The Southern Baptist Convention created an outreach program to help these troubled pastors.

17) Disabilities and Clergy.

Mental Illness is the leading cause of clergy going on disability.

Where to find more information about clergy health needs.

Clergy Health Studies


The Mental Health Needs of Clergy