The circulatory system energizes and defends the various subsystems of the human body. The red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients. The white blood cells to fight disease or infection.

Apart from the circulatory system, the human body cannot live. The skin, bones, muscles, internal organs and the nervous system all depend upon the blood cells of the circulatory system. In the same way, the soundness of individual Christians is crucial to the sound health of the whole church body. Church health not only involves the corporate life of the church but also the individual members of the body of Christ. As it concerns overall church health, biblical teaching concerning the church touches the spiritual, moral, relational, behavioral, emotional, and physical fitness of each Christian

A Healthy Church Circulation System involves the maturity of both clergy and laity in holy wholeness in our Savior, Lord, Sanctifier, and Healer Jesus Christ.

A. In General

    aa. Godliness and Cleanliness for Healthy Church Bodies by John M. Crowe

    bb. Christian Discipleship and Martial Arts. 
by John M. Crowe

    cc. The Axis of Christian Ministry 
by John M. Crowe 

    dd. The pastor's well-being often reflects a church's health and happiness 
by Tony Headley

    ee. The Wounds of Jesus and Our Wounds 
by John M. Crowe

    ff. Timing Chains and Hearts: How Is Yours
by John M. Crowe

B. Clergy and Families

    aa. “Prescriptions for the Epidemic” Cures for the crisis of clergy health. by John M. Crowe

    bb. A Parson and Parsonage Family's 5 Priorities 
by John M. Crowe

    cc. Brother Martin or Pastor Superstar
by John M. Crowe

    dd. Mental Health Needs of Clergy

    ee. Coming Out of the Dark: Two Pastors’ Journey Out of Depression With Wayde I. Goodall And E. Glenn Wagner

    ff. Coming Out Of The Dark: Two Pastors’ Wives Share In Their Husbands’ Journey Out Of Depression With Rosalyn Goodall And Susan Wagner

    gg. Crossing a Deep River — Biblical and Practical Advice forDealing With Depression. by George O. Wood

    hh. Depressed, Stressed, And Burned Out: What’s Going On In My Life. by Archibald D. Hart

    ii. Engaging clergy in taking responsibility for their own health

    jj. Jesus & Clergy Health 
by John M. Crowe

    kk. “Motivation, Meaning, and Ministry
by John M. Crowe

    ll. "Self-Denial and Self-Care"
by John M. Crowe

    mm. Soul Care And The Caregiver's Soul--Reflections On Strengthening Caregivers 
by John M. Crowe

    nn. Various Books on Boundaries


The Circulatory System

The contents of this article comes from my book, Church Health For The Twenty-First Century A Biblical Approach